Simple embedded document storage for .NET

    of the project

    Easy-Doc-Db is a simple embedded documents storage for .NET Applications that also includes .NET Core support.
    The library allows application to keep documents around in local folder serialized in JSON, XML or YAML formats.

    Key benefits:

    1. Read optimized - all data is kept in RAM
    2. No data and schema migrations

    The library is best suited for small or mid size projects with limited or predictable amount of data. Going forward with loads it will be easy to replace the lib with other document storage solutions (MongoDb, Azure DocumentDb etc).
    The library supports various possibilities for customization: there is a way to have custom implementation of serializer or storage provider.

    The project is distributed as a set of nuget packages and licensed under a CC BY License

    The code is open-source. Please check this project on our GitHub for more information and examples.