Tenants management automation software.

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    of the project

    The project was developed by the request for one of our clients working in real estate field. The client owns apartment complex that lacked modern automation tools for management that kind of facility.

    Key features:

    • Maintain list of tenants and all related information.
    • Manage paperwork process for new tenants
    • Tenant personal profile with balance due
    • Accepting rent payments, print & store receipts
    • A set of reports that tracks outstanding balances and helps with accounting
    • Support for legal processes: late notices, summons and courts resolutions
    • Backup, restore and auto-update

    Project team: 4 members
    Project duration: 4 months
    Scope: analysing business needs and perform full development life cycle.
    Technology stack: HTML/CSS/JS, AngularJS, .NET Core, Hosted on Azure